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Thanks Kimzey Family!

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Boys will be boys!  Loved shooting these goofy little guys…what expressions!  Perfect for the contest entry of “Let’s Hear It For The Boys”  On IHeartFaces!

When you’ve got lemons…make some yummy lemon bars!

So this weekend was Claire’s party.  In all actuality Claire had no clue that the party was for her…and really, if I’m being honest it was a perfectly good excuse to get together with family and friends.  I think I can safely say that Claire will have zero recollection of the event.  At any rate, it afforded some good bonding time with my sister Jen and my friend Krista as we tried our hands at party planning and homemade decorations.  With inspiration from a few party-planning blogs (check these out!  and ) we came up with a lemonade stand theme.  It was a gentle reminder that although it is suppose to be warm Montana – springs can be quite long and chilly.  Despite the ominous looking rain clouds and slight but chilly breeze we were afforded a bit of time with no rain and even some sunshine!  Happy birthday Claire!

The morning after

Well, we are all still here…I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing (with the predicted rapture and all).  With my new lease on life I have decided it is time to begin a blog.  I am not exactly sure how it will all shake out.  I will certainly need it for the photography biz but I guess I can’t help but pepper it with whatever adventure I am on or project I have decided to try…and there will definitely be ample amounts of sarcasm.  Tough to say at this point and I really don’t want to box myself in.  Speaking of “boxed in”  check out “Room” if you happen to be a reader.  Quick read but lots to discuss afterward.

Welcome to my blog.  You are in a special place in cyberspace – can you feel it?


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